ISWE Virtual Event 

16th-17th August 2021



This event, hosted on the ISWE website, will be focused on studies of glucocorticoids in wildlife with a live keynote speaker, a panel of diverse experts discussing their experiences and answering questions, and featuring brief talks by top Indian scientists to give a taste of what is to come at the 8th ISWE Conference in November 2022 in Jim Corbett National Park, India!

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Michael Romero of Tufts University. Dr. Romero will be speaking on, “Glucocorticoids in Ecology and Conservation: Promises and Pitfalls.” 



All accepted abstracts will be posted as pre-recorded, 5-minute presentations up to a week before the event and for two weeks after. Additional methods to contact presenters with questions will be provided in the virtual format. The schedule for live presentations and discussions is as follows. Recordings of these sessions will be available to registered participants for two weeks after the event. 


Monday August 16


1:00 PM – 1:30 PM GMT (30 minutes)

General Welcome and Board Updates

Session Description: ISWE’s Chair of the Board will welcome attendees to the first ever ISWE Virtual Event, and board members will each share a summary of the society’s activities during the last year. Conference Chair will provide some housekeeping information related to the virtual format.

Speakers: Dr. Andre Ganswindt, Dr. Sue Walker, Dr. Grace Fuller, Dr. Annie Newell-Fugate, Dr. Ratna Ghosal, Beth Roberts, and Dr. Diana Koester


1:30 PM – 2:30 PM GMT (1 hour)

Indian Wildlife Research Panel

Session Description: Five of our Indian colleagues using endocrinology will share a bit about their work and research interests to give attendees an idea of what to expect to hear more about at our next, in-person ISWE conference to take place in India.

Moderator: Emily Bach

Speakers: Professor R. Sukumar, Professor Vinod Kumar, Dr. G. Umapathy, Dr. Samrat Mondol, and Dr. Ratna Ghosal


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM GMT (1.5 hour)

Measuring Glucocorticoids Discussion Panel

Session Description: Experts from a diverse array of backgrounds will each spend a few minutes remarking on the topic of measuring glucocorticoids and associated difficulties from their own perspective. The panel will then open to discussion and questions from attendees, led by a moderator.

Moderator: Breanne Murray

Speakers: Drs. Nei Moreira, Stacey Tecot, Katie Edwards, Catharine Wheaton, and Kerry Fanson


Tuesday August 17


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM GMT (1 hour)

Plenary Talk – Glucocorticoids in Ecology and Conservation: Promises and Pitfalls

Session Description: Dr. Romero will lead a discussion of methods to interpret glucocorticoid data measured from different biological matrices, with an emphasis on applications to conservation.

Moderator: Vinod Kumar

Speakers: Dr. Michael Romero of Tufts University with introduction by Dr. Andre Ganswindt


2:00 PM – 2:30 PM GMT (30 minutes)

Virtual Event Closing Remarks and Student Travel Award Winner Announcement

Session Description: ISWE’s Chair of the Board will conclude our first ever Virtual Event and announce the winner of the Student Travel Award, who will receive free registration, along with additional travel funds for our next, in-person conference taking place in India.

Speakers: Dr. Andre Ganswindt



During this online event, and for two weeks after, you will have the opportunity to watch a full program of current work in the field in the form of five-minute, pre-recorded presentations, uploaded for international viewing convenience.  At your leisure, you will be able to hear about projects investigating animal reproduction, health, and welfare, as well as innovative techniques and long-term studies of wildlife endocrinology.   

With your registration, you will be invited to join fellow attendees in a versatile instant messaging platform, which will allow you to address the larger group, ask questions of individual presenters about their work, connect with colleagues, solicit advice from mentors, or even make new friends in the field! 

ISWE is also using this virtual platform to emphasize and support our trainees, with focused Q&A sessions and guided breakout rooms with selected mentors.

Additionally, all Student ISWE Members with an accepted abstract have the chance to win a travel grant for the 8th ISWE Conference in India in 2022.  During the Virtual Event, a group of experts will judge eligible student presentations and decide on a winner to receive free registration and additional funds to travel to India to present their work in a featured oral presentation!

For questions about the virtual event, please contact Diana Koester:

Photos are courtesy of and copyrighted by Prasenjeet Yadav.