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ISWE Member Benefits

Membership in the International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology is open to all scientists, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with an interest in wildlife endocrinology. ISWE memberships are for two years. Applications for new memberships and renewal of existing memberships may take place at any time.

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounted registration for the biennial conference
  • Networking opportunities via the private ISWE listserv
  • Access to other online resources such as courses related to wildlife endocrinology
  • Priority access of member posted jobs, fellowships and internships through listserv as well as member posting privileges of jobs on ISWE website and advertisement via social media accounts
  • Ability to participate on ISWE committees – if interested, contact [email protected]
  • Student travel scholarships to the biennial conference
  • Discounted rates for Arbor Assays (25% discount) and Enzo Life Sciences (20% discount) products*
  • Discounts on ISWE mini kits available through Arbor Assays*
  • Input on the development of antibodies for new ISWE mini kits*

* Please note these benefits are not available to Associate Members – please see our by-laws for details

Become an ISWE Member

Purchase an ISWE Two-Year membership as an emerging nations, full, student, or associate member. Emerging nations status is based on the country of residence, rather than nationality. Emerging nations are those listed as developing economies according to the World Economic Situations and Prospects 2020 report by the United Nations (p.166).

Existing Members should log in before making a payment.