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ISWE and Arbor Assays have partnered to develop and sell kits for measuring common endocrine hormones to the wildlife endocrinology community. Currently, kits are available for testosterone, progesterone, 17 beta-estradiol, cortisol, and corticosterone. The Progesterone Mini-kit uses the CL425 monoclonal antibody, while the other mini-kits use antibodies developed and owned by ISWE. The kit reagents are supplied with both the antibody and conjugate as 50x concentrates that can be diluted into the end user’s assay buffer of choice. Also supplied is a solution of the kit standard as a concentrate. The antibodies are not suitable for directly coating onto plates – they MUST be used with secondary antibody coated plates. Although these kits have been tested for cross reactivity and some species reactivity, individual labs will need to perform their own validations to account for species and laboratory differences. Please go to:

Please keep the following information in mind when ordering mini-kits and Arbor Assays products.

  • To receive the ISWE discount, the lab ordering the product must have at least one ISWE member. If the ISWE member leaves the lab, please have another one sign up as a member. A full ($150) or student ($75) two-year membership is a bargain for the discounts offered on Arbor Assays products, as well as the ISWE mini-kits.
  • If your lab is located outside the USA, please order directly from Arbor Assays ([email protected]) rather than through your in-country distributor. The local distributor is not able to provide the ISWE discount or the ISWE price on mini-kits. Ordering directly does require prepayment as well as assuming responsibility for all processes and fees related to importing the products, including customs, duties, and VAT fees that are separate from the shipping charge. You should inform Arbor Assays during the ordering process if you have a FedEx, DHL, or UPS Collect Account that you would like to use for transport.

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Recommended Resources for Endocrine Methodologies


Bird Hormones and Bird Migrations: Analyzing Hormones in Droppings and Egg Yolks and Assessing Adaptations in Long-Distance Migration (2005). Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 1046, Issue 1.

Special Issue: Non-Invasive Monitoring of Hormones (2013). Wiener Tierärztliche Monatsschrift – Veterinary Medicine Austria Volume 100. Click here to download the table of contents with links to full papers. This special issue recapped the 3rd ISWE Conference held in Vienna, Austria in 2012.

Individual Papers

Hodges, K., Brown, J., Heistermann, M. (2010). Endocrine monitoring of reproduction and stress. In D.G. Kleiman, K.V. Thompson & C.K. Baer, Eds. Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques for Zoo Management. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, pp 447-468.

Jewgenow, K., Azevedo, A., Albrecht, M., Kirschbaum, C., & Dehnhard, M. (2020). Hair cortisol analyses in different mammal species: choosing the wrong assay may lead to erroneous results. Conservation Physiology, 8(1), coaa009.

Kalliokoski, O., Jellestad, F.K., Murison, R. (2019). A systematic review of studies utilizing hair glucocorticoids as a measure of stress suggests the marker is more appropriate for quantifying short-term stressors. Scientific Reports 9,11997.

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Santymire, R. M., Manjerovic, M. B., & Sacerdote-Velat, A. (2018). A novel method for the measurement of glucocorticoids in dermal secretions of amphibians. Conservation Physiology, 6(1), coy008.

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Webber, J. T., Henley, M. D., Pretorius, Y., Somers, M. J., & Ganswindt, A. (2018). Changes in African elephant (Loxodonta africana) faecal steroid concentrations post-defaecation. Bothalia-African Biodiversity & Conservation, 48(2), 1-8.


Sample Analysis Resources

To add or edit contact information for this table, please contact [email protected].

Lab NameWebsiteLocationCountryContact Name & EmailContact Phone
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas y Tecnológicas (CONICET-UNC), Cordoba, ArgentinaWebsiteCórdobaArgentinaVervers, DVM, Dipl ECAR54-9-351-6711746
University of Veterinary Medicine, ViennaWebsiteViennaAustriaRupert Palme43-1-25077-4103
Laboratory of Chemical Analysis, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University, BelgiumWebsiteMerelbekeBelgiumJella Wauters0032478636862 (mobile) or 003292647452 (office)
University of GuelphWebsiteGuelph, OntarioCanadaLaura H Graham519-546-6146
Reproductive Programs, Toronto ZooWebsiteScarborough, OntarioCanadaGaby Mastromonaco416-392-5980
Chester ZooWebsiteUpton-by-ChesterUKKatie Edwards Or Rebecca Mogey44-1244-389810 (office) or 44-1244-389447 (lab)
University of EdinburghWebsiteEdinburghUKForbes Howie44-131-242-6612
Kari MorfeldOmaha, NEUSAKari Morfeld402-870-4458
Laboratory for the Evolutionary Endocrinology of Primates (LEEP) at the University of Arizona, in the School of AnthropologyWebsiteTuscon, AZUSAStacey Tecot520-621-6294 (office) or 520-621-6367 (lab)
Saint Louis ZooWebsiteSt Louis, MOUSACorinne Kozlowski314-646-4762
Texas A&M UniversityWebsiteCollege Station, TXUSAAnnie Newell-Fugate979-845-1744
Southeast Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and ConservationWebsiteYulee, FLUSALara Metrione
University of WashingtonWebsiteSeattle, WAUSASamuel Wasser Or Rebecca Booth206-543-1669 or 206-543-1623
Smithsonian Conservation Biology InstituteWebsiteFront Royal, VAUSAJanine Brown Or Steve Paris540-635-6586 or 540-635-0052
Oregon ZooWebsitePortland, ORUSANadja Wielebnowski Or Candace Scarlata503-226-1561 x 5301
Arbor Assays, including new assay developmentWebsiteAnn Arbor, MIUSABobbi O'Hara1 734-677-1774

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