Trainee Affairs

The Trainee Affairs Committee (TAC) is a group of international Trainees dedicated to provide support to other Trainees. To find out more about the TAC members and our aims and what we offer, please download our TAC Starter Pack 2023.

TAC Objectives:
▪ Create career and professional development opportunities
▪ Create a networking platform that fosters connectivity between trainees
▪ Facilitate and host trainee events that provide opportunities for information exchange

Trainee Definition: Any student, postdoc within 5 years receipt of their PhD (self-ascribed as a trainee), and technician within 5 years of joining the position (self ascribed as a trainee).

Contact Us
If you would like to contact someone on the Trainee Affairs Committee or would like to suggest a topic for discussion email us at [email protected]


Trainee Affairs Committee Presents the Coffee Talk Series

The 2022 Coffee Talk Series featured four different topic discussion sessions with a range of international panelists.

Missed our 2022 Coffee Talk Series? Good news, you can still access the video recordings via the links below!

Coffee Talk 1:

Coffee Talk 2:

Coffee Talk 3:

Coffee Talk 4:

Coffee Talk Playlist: