The ISWE Communications Committee is seeking your help to provide interesting and useful information to our members. If you have things to share or are interested in being highlighted, please contact us at [email protected]. The types of news stories and/or announcements we are seeking are listed below.

Possible newsletter stories:

  • Have your lab in the spotlight
  • Share your recent publications to be included on a RSS feed on the website. One article will be selected to be summarized in each newsletter.
  • Mentor/mentee relationship and research

The website will feature fun announcements and/or photos from our members each month. Please share:

  • Photos of you doing your research (e.g. in field collecting sample; in the lab)
  • News about research breakthroughs and/or conservation advancements (e.g., animal birth announcements from your projects)

Additional announcements for the website and/or social media:

  • New jobs, internships, and training opportunities you would like to advertise
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts

The Communications Committee
Annie, Beaux, Gabri, Grace, Katie E., Katie F., Katie G., and Elizabeth