strategic planning board + guests

Members in attendance were (left to right) Edward Wilkerson, Linda Penfold, Mandi Schook, Marina Ponzio, Ned Place, Janine Brown, Gaby Mastromonaco, Rachel Santymire, Catharine Wheaton, Katie Edwards, Elizabeth Freeman, Karen Goodrowe, Nadia Wielebnowski, Natalia Prado-Oviedo, Jonathan Aaltonen (not shown Meredith Bashaw, David Kersey and Grace Fuller).

Held at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution Conservation and Research Center, last week the ISWE Board and invited guests spent two days executing strategic planning. Although the weather was cloudy and drizzly, inside the board was fired up and excited about making great plans for our society moving forward. Facilitated by Karen Goodrowe, the board performed visioning exercises to refine the organization’s mission, assess organizational strengths and set priorities towards common goals to chart ISWE’s growth over the next five years.

Keep posted for more information, including details about how you can get involved in the next phases for our society!