ISWE awards two competitive travel scholarships to assist student researchers with expenses for attending the ISWE conference. Here we congratulate Justine Hudson, recipient of the 2019 Coralie Munro Memorial Travel Grant for travel to Kruger National Park for ISWE 7 South Africa.

Justine Hudson is a master’s student in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Her research aims to use endocrine techniques to understand how climate change and anthropogenic activity will impact the health of marine mammals in the Canadian Arctic. Justine has spent 2 summers in Churchill, Manitoba collecting snot samples from free-swimming beluga whales to determine stress levels in the Western Hudson Bay beluga population. While on dry land, she can be found in the lab measuring hormones along baleen plates to better understand the relationship between foraging activity and stress in bowhead whales. Aside from her research experience, Justine is also a passionate science communicator whose research has been highlighted in CBC, National Geographic, and Up Here Magazine. Ms. Hudson will be presenting at talk at ISWE 7 entitled, “Snot for science: A non-invasive technique for measuring cortisol in free-swimming beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas).

Coralie Munro was a colleague, ISWE member, and dear friend to many of us in ISWE. From her lab at U.C. Davis, she generously supplied so many of us with antibodies and HRP, enabling us to do the work about which we are so passionate. This scholarship is given in loving memory of her.