The 2017 ISWE Conference

The 6th ISWE Conference was hosted by Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In addition to our normal focus on reproduction, health and welfare, we were happy to have a special session this year on aquatic species, a growing area for study. The keynote speakers for the conference were Dr. Tyrone Hayes of UC Berkley and Dr. James Gelsleichter from the University of North Florida, who presented talks focused on endocrine issues in amphibians and elasmobranchs. Travel Scholarships for the 2017 Conference were awarded to Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel (India), Gabriela Martins (Brazil) and Kristen Counsell (USA).


2017 ISWE Conference Proceedings

2017 ISWE Conference Program

6th ISWE 2017 Conference Highlights

  • 6th ISWE Conference 2017

    Disney's Animal Kingdom hosted the 6th ISWE Conference in Orlando, Florida

  • Marina Ponzio and Catharine Wheaton

    The 2017 ISWE Conference chair was Marina Ponzio (left) and was hosted by Chatharine Wheaton (right). The conference featured researchers and leaders in the field of wildlife endocrinology

  • 2017 ISWE Conference Travel Grant Awardees

    The conference was attended by the three ISWE Travel Grant awardees Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel (top) from India, Gabriela Martins (left) from Brazil and Kristen Counsell (right) from the USA

  • 2017 ISWE Conference Poster Winners

    Gaby Flacke (Zoo Miami) and Katherine Graham (New England Aquarium) were the 2017 ISWE Conference Poster Winners


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Past Conferences


The 5th ISWE Conference was hosted by Lincoln Park Zoo. The keynote speakers for the conference were Gabriela Mastromonaco who presented "Reproductive hormone analysis: Developing tools to understand population health", André Ganswindt who presented "A matter of perception - Endocrine responses to stressors in African Wildlife" and Lee Koren who spoke about "Integrated matrices reveal wild vertebrate life history traits". Travel Scholarships for the 2013 Conference were awarded to Juan Scheun, Annais Carbajal and Ee Phin Wong.
2015 ISWE Program Booklet
2015 ISWE Conference Proceedings

2013 Chicago, USA

The 4th ISWE Conference was hosted by Lincoln Park Zoo. The keynote speakers for the conference were Sam Wasser who presented "Integrating physiology and ecology to influence wildlife policy" and Neena Schwartz who presented "Building a Lab of My Own". Travel Scholarships for the 2013 Conference were awarded to Kelly Robinson, Bonnie Baird and Susanne Pribbenow.
2013 ISWE Conference Agenda
2013 ISWE Conference Program


ISWE held its 3rd annual conference at Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria. The conference focuses on “Non-invasive Monitoring of Hormones”. The keynote speakers are Janine Brown, Michael Heistermann, Erich Möstl, Tobias Deschner, Nadja Wielebnowski, Chadi Touma, Martin Dehnhard, Tim Ellis and Katharina Hirschenhauser.
2012 ISWE Conference Program & Abstracts



The 2nd ISWE Conference took place in 2011 and was hosted by the Toronto Zoo. Drs. Janine Brown and Nadja Wielebnowski were ISWE co-chairs. The keynote addresses for the conference were by Glen Van Der Kraak "Environmental Endocrinology: Applications to Understanding the Fitness of Wildlife", and Rudy Boonstra "The Ecology of Stress: Insights from Natural Populations"
2011 ISWE Conference Agenda
2011 ISWE Conference Abstracts

2010 Cincinnati, USA

As the result of discussions held at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, ISWE held its 1st conference at the Cincinnati Zoo. The conference offered three sessions:
Methods development
Innovative Endocrinology
Recent Advances in Basic Endocrinology

The keynote address is by Dr. Rupert Palme..
2010 ISWE agenda
ISWE Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference